Why use Vedic Maths when there is a calculator? this is the question that always came into our mind when we heard about Vedic Maths. Especially If you are a parent of a child. You always looking for a perfect answer to this particular query. 

No worries we will try to answer and give you a clear perspective about the difference between Vedic Maths and Calculator which will help you to decide which one is best among these two. At the bottom, we have given a suggestion about what is best for your child between Vedic Maths and calculator?

Use of a Calculator in Study

The calculator is an electronic device that helps you to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In 2020 there are some advanced calculators that help you to do even integration and get the value of “e”. Calculators are designed to calculate big mathematical problems so you stuck to calculate 98*97 then you will always take the help of a calculator. 

Use of Vedic Maths in Study

Vedic Maths is an ancient method of calculation to solve mathematical problems using the only mind. “Vedas” is the source of all the sutras of Vedic Mathematics. Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj is the founder of Vedic mathematics. He has mentioned all the 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras in his written books. Vedic Mathematics helps a child to calculate mentally the toughest modern mathematical problems within a few seconds by only using his/her mind.

We are going to mention some bullet points for you to easily understand the difference between Vedic Math and calculator clearly.

  • Introduction
  • Preferred Age
  • Using Mind
  • Boundaries
  • Intelligence
  • Techniques
Points Vedic MathematicsCalculator
IntroductionVedic maths is an ancient method to calculate mathematical problems in mind.The calculator is an electronic device to calculate mathematical problems.
Preferred ageAt the age of 6, your child can use Vedic mathematics to solve questions regarding mathematics.  At the age of 8, your child can use a calculator.
Using MindYes, by only using Mind you can calculate with the mind.Without using the mind you can calculate on the calculator.
BoundariesYou can apply Vedic mathematics for every board and competitive exams.You can only apply if your school board allows you to do that. 
Intelligence Vedic Maths help to upgrade your intelligence.Using a calculator may not be helpful for your child’s intelligence.
  TechniquesYou can use sutras, your fingers, and mind as a technique.The mechanism of automation helps to calculate on a calculator.

Difference between Vedic Mathematics and Calculator


Vedic Mathematics is a proven mathematical calculation method which helps students to calculate in their mind. On the other side Calculator is an electronic device that helps a student to calculate on a digital platform.

Benefits of Vedic Maths and Calculator

Vedic Maths and calculators are best as a time-saving option for every student.

If you worry about the rough work during exams and try to do fast maths calculation then these two tools will help you to calculate in less time.

Vedic Maths helps to increase IQ but calculator can’t

Vedic Maths is totally based on mental calculation so it will definitely help you to increase your brainpower where calculator helps you to calculate with typing some buttons on a calculator, which restrict your child to use his brain, as a result, there is no upgradation on IQ.

What is best for a Child

As a parent, nobody wants, that their child is going to use a calculator. Because everyone is looking for some exception of a calculator or how to avoid a calculator in calculating a big problem. Take Shakuntala Devi’s example, She was a prodigy of Bangalore, India and she multiplied a 10 digit number with a 10 digit number faster than a calculator and computer. She was an amazing and intelligent lady so do you with the help of Vedic Mathematics.  

In a small age if you insist on your child to use a calculator rather than using a mind then later days he will face problems when he goes for a competitive exam where he can’t use a calculator.

It’s anytime better to tell your child to use his mind than using technology. It will help him to increase his memory and power of learning.