Do you think you have a favorite number?

The maths writer Alex Bellos, author of Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, has launched an online survey at asking people about their choices.

Source: BBC News

I personally think everybody is superstitious about a certain number. Most people I know that they consider 13 as an unlucky number and 9 to be one of the most luckiest number.

Some friends I know keep the digit sum of their car number to be 9 or even 1.  My favorite number is Nine and I will share the reason why!

I was born on the 9th and my wife was born on 17/1/1980  , if you do a digit sum it will add to Nine-and yes she is lucky for me.  My Passport ends in the number 9 and I even got a 90% in Maths! My car number is 6480 – which again adds to Nine! I somehow get a feeling that if I get a number which adds to nine whether it be a Hotel Room No or a Hotel Food bill , it would be lucky for me. There are 9 planets and if you look deeply there is something magical about 9.

So now the question is — Whats your lucky number!  Go to this website created by Alex Bellos and just give a vote to your lucky  number.


– The Vedic Maths Forum India