Virtual Online Session Power High Speed Vedic Maths Workshop Launched. Beyond Barriers. Vedic Math Classes made More Accessible through Online Classrooms. in partnership with The Vedic Maths Forum India launches the Power Online High Speed Vedic Maths Workshop – an online course on their virtual online classroom platform which connects teachers and students beyond barriers of country and distances.

To promote this revolutionary concept for the first time in collaboration with ‘The Vedic Maths Forum India’ is conducting a live Online session on High Speed Multiplication through Vedic Mathematics. The session makes an attempt to explain the unconventional aspects of the methods to help you understand and implement the concepts for an improved mathematical thinking. The session would be hosted by Gaurav Tekriwal who is the President of the Vedic Maths forum of India. The forum has been conducting workshops for teachers and students of prominent educational establishments all over India.

The forum has been helping students achieve their target scores in examinations such as SAT and GMAT and has a regular student base in India, Unites States and the United Kingdom. The forum aims to realize the hidden potential of a students and develop their mental faculties whereby eliminating the fear of Mathematics completely.This session while in the test phase has got an amazing response and is now ready for full launch now in January 2008.

We have organised a Free Online Session on High Speed Multiplication using Vedic Math Methods to show this to the world. Saturday, 19 January, 2008 5:00 PM To 7:00 PM (GMT+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi

When students register for the Complete Power ONline High Speed Vedic Maths Course spanning 9 Days and a total duration of 18hours they will be sent further details to come to the workshop. All participants will be awarded a Certificate from the Institution on completetion of the Online Course. This is the next level of Education in this information age.All you need is a set of speakers, an Internet connected computer and a Browser to avail the benefit of this class Online.

The page is up at

Special Notes for Blog Readers & Comment Posters : The Online Session has been scheduled for 2 hours. If you post a comment here it will be held for 3 Hours for you. You will have to confirm your participation by commenting to avail this special 3 hours. Also register at the link given. Another Special offer awaits you guys there when you come to for the Online Session.

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