Seminar on Speed Maths

A Workshop on Vedic Maths or Speed Maths for
students will be held in Muscat from 19th to 24th
July 2009.

Vedic Maths is a name given to the ancient Indian
system of Mathematics which is far more
systematic, coherent and unified than the
conventional system. There are 16 jaw-dropping
sutras or simple Sanskrit word formulae which
solve all known Mathematical problems in the
branches of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and
Calculus. They are easy to understand, easy to
apply and easy to remember.

It is a mental tool for calculation that
encourages the development and use of intuition
and innovation, and complements the Maths
curriculum conventionally taught in schools by
acting as a checking tool and goes to save
precious time in examinations.

The Workshop will be conducted by Mr. Gaurav
Tekriwal, the founder President of the Vedic Maths
Forum, India. An educator and motivator, he has
been imparting Vedic Mathematics Skills over the
past ten years. He has been mentored by the likes
of Shakuntala Devi who is regarded as the Human
Computer of this millennium. Gaurav’s
communication abilities and knowledge of the
subject has made him an invited speaker at
prestigious schools, colleges including IITs, IIMs
and Regional Engineering Colleges in India.

At the end of the workshop, participants will
uncover the true meaning and essence of mental
arithmetic and walk away with an endless
fascination for numbers.

A free demo and seminar will be held on 18th
July 2009 in line with the Workshop. The seminar
is open to parents of children from age 10
onwards. To register for the free seminar, please
call 97105226.

The Vedic Maths Forum India
167/N Rash Behari Avenue Jasoda Bhawan 2nd Floor
West Bengal 700019

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Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder President of the Vedic Maths Forum India. Through television programs, workshops, DVDs, and Books he has taken the Vedic Maths System to over 4 million students in India, South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana, and Colombia.