Greetings on the Festive Occassion of Diwali.
Well We are back after a long time. Loads happened over the last almost six months. Among the major events and Highlights was our Vedic Maths India Meet in Kolkata and Puri this year. We went on to see His Holiness Jagadguru Shri Shankaracharya in Govardhan Matha, Puri, Orissa.
In this meet we were joined by Prof.V.G.Unkalkar and Prof.P.K.Srivathsa from Bangalore both renowned scholars in the field of Vedic Mathematics.
Mr.Alex Bellos a UK Based Journalist also joined the Meet to write a chapter on Vedic Mathematics forming the contents of his to be launched Book.
We had several discussions on Vedic Mathematics most of which is summarised in our Newsletter Vedika.
You can access it in a PDF Below:-
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Gaurav Tekriwal
The Vedic Maths Forum India