The Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis and global city on the Arabian Peninsula. One of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is developing rapidly in tourism and trade. It calls itself one of the more modern and progressive cities in the Middle East.
Dubai is a commercial and cultural hub of the Middle East, it’s a global transport hub, and has attracted world attention through many large innovative construction projects and sports events. The city is symbolized by its skyscrapers, including the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in addition to ambitious development projects including man-made islands, world-class luxury hotels, and some of the largest and extraordinarily modern shopping malls in the world.
It is indeed a pleasure and honour to have a footprint in this amazing city thanks to our UAE Head Mrs.Kanchan Rani Sharma.
With Mrs.Kanchan Rani Sharma and Mrs.AnushreeTekriwal, Director VMFI
So ladies and gentlemen meet Mrs.Kanchan Rani Sharma.
Mrs.Kanchan Rani Sharma
Mrs. Kanchan R Sharma is a Commerce graduate and CMA & PMP trained professional with an experience of over twenty years in the field of Finance and Education. She is the founder of Brilliant Minds, UAE and is herself qualified to train various skills development programs.As an educator, she has been imparting knowledge to different age groups and is continuously thriving to introduce new and innovative methods of learning for youngsters in a dynamic and interactive environment. She holds a vision to establish and emerge as the pioneer institution in UAE in providing simpler solutions to youngsters by which they can easily and logically understand the subject concept and in return adapt and apply in their academics, co-curriculum and in real life.

“Its amazing and humbling to chat up to Kanchanji and learn her amazing vision for the youth of UAE. We wish her the very best in all her endeavours with Vedic Maths Forum and it would be fun and fulfilling working together.”

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