Vedic Maths Forum South Africa - One Year Anniversary


This is a very special month for us at Vedic Maths Forum
South Africa. One year has passed since we opened our ‘doors’ in South Africa
and what an incredible year it has been! It is a privilege and an honour to
introduce Vedic Maths to children and teachers in South Africa. The biggest
reward for me is the expressions of wonder and amazement on their
faces; the sense of excitement that is generated at our workshops and the
renewed enthusiasm for Maths.
I have also met some amazing souls this past year who have
inspired me and helped me grow in so many ways. This has demonstrated to me
that when you follow your passion in life, you are enriched and blessed beyond
I love learning and my greatest passion is sharing what I
have learnt through a process of facilitation and experiential learning and by
creating learning spaces that are adaptive, flexible, creative and inspiring.
With our live online classes, we have the tools and the resources to make this
possible. We have the ability to transcend geographical location and to reach
the learners in rural environments who so desperately need our help with Maths.
My deepest gratitude goes out to Gaurav and Anushree Tekriwal
for giving me this wonderful opportunity, my family for their continued support
and the many supporters of Vedic Maths Forum South Africa.
Another exciting year awaits us so stay tuned to our blog
and social media sites for updates and new developments.
Neshni Naidoo
Director: Vedic Maths Forum South Africa

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Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder President of the Vedic Maths Forum India. Through television programs, workshops, DVDs, and Books he has taken the Vedic Maths System to over 4 million students in India, South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana, and Colombia.