Vedic Maths Forum Ghana established
Mr. and Mrs.Gurbani from Ghana
Hailed as West Africa’s golden child, Ghana deserves its place in the sun. One of Africa’s great success stories, the country is reaping the benefits of a stable democracy in the form of fast-paced development. And it shows: Ghana is suffused with the most incredible energy.
With its welcoming beaches, gorgeous hinterland, rich culture, vibrant cities, diverse wildlife, easy transport and affable inhabitants, it’s no wonder Ghana is sometimes labelled ‘Africa for beginners’.
It is my pleasure to announce the Grand Launch of our Ghana Chapter in Accra in association with Mr.Girish Gurbani and Mrs.Kirti Gurbani, Directors Vedic Maths Forum Ghana.
Considering the falling numeracy standards in Ghana, the establishment of the Forum is considered one step in the right direction. The Vedic Math methods can be applied to the Ghana Curriculum especially in JHS 1,2 and 3 covering the G.E.S. new syllabus leading to the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) conducted by West African Examinations Council. Research is on at the Vedic Maths Forum Ghana to ensure that the methods be applicable also for senior classes.
All theĀ  Vedic Maths online and offline programs are offered for Teachers, Students and Math Enthusiasts at Accra centre. We wish Mr. and Mrs.Gurbani, the Directors of Vedic Maths Forum Ghana the very best in future endeavours. Please stay tuned here for more updates from Ghana.
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