Dear Friends,

We got a nice suggestion from Anthony Rehfuss about having content for Adults also apart from children. I think its a very good idea and should be implemented. I would like to hear what you think about it and what kind of math activities would you be interested in? If you can throw some light we can get our Research Team to get some activities immediately!

Here’s What Anthony says…

“There are those of us (I for one am interested in math, but never got around to studying it past a little algebra) who never had a chance to learn math as well they would like who are in past 30 years of age. There are plenty of people who enjoy exercising their minds, either by learning new things and/or by utilizing the new brain games that are out there. The way the subject matter is presented makes all the difference in the world. I guess all I’m saying is frame it for adults as well, or create a branch of your company that is dedicated solely toward adults, and they’re will be people like myself who won’t shy away because they are “reminded” that they are too old. Much of the latest brain science is telling us that learning new things keeps the brain young.

These are my thoughts and suggestions.”

So, Guys, the Ball is in your court now. Please give us suggestions and we will take it forward.


The Vedic Maths Forum India

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  1. The idea is great. In fact I would suggest a step a head. I have been observing some of the older generation (retired) who long for some kind of avocation. People divert themselves into various fields of interest like music, painting, etc. Why not Maths! For a fit mind contributes more of a healthy body. The level of interest sustenance is also high as there would not be any pressures on this age group.

    The kind of contribution that they could make to the kids in their family and society also would be much.