It is a Thursday afternoon and while their peers are outside
engaged in sport or at home, these children are still at school – doing Maths.
This is not a class they are forced to attend to improve their marks. On the
contrary, these children have opted to be members of the Vedic Maths Club in Cape Town
launched at their school, Rylands Primary. The Maths Club is facilitated by Mrs
Yurashnie Naidoo, the Deputy Principal at the school, using the material
supplied by Vedic Maths Forum South Africa. There are currently 14 learners
from Grade 4, 5 and 6.
The parents of one of the learners told me that her son, who is
in Grade 4, was excited about the Vedic Maths Methods shown during the school
assembly. He asked to join the Maths Club because he felt that it would improve
his Maths scores from a 6 (70-79%) to a 7 (80-100%).
I conducted a session with the learners and shared with them
techniques of multiplying by 11 and finger multiplication. I could see the
‘Eureka’ moment when the light went on in their eyes. It was such a rewarding
For now, the learners are learning some basic Vedic Maths
and how to use this to improve the speed and accuracy of their arithmetic. We
have also included strategies for Word Sums and Maths Puzzles in this term’s
These learners will go on to compete in the Speed Math
Challenge being held on the 1 August 2015.
However, the Vedic Maths Club will still continue after the
competition and we will include games and practical applications of Maths in
addition to the Vedic Maths techniques.
We are looking forward to taking this to other schools since
we know that it will increase interest and skills in Maths.
Neshni Naidoo
Director: Vedic Maths Forum South Africa

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