Vedic Math reaches Finland
From Ajey Gotkhindikar, Finland
Namaste, It’s a pleasure to share with you that, today my father Mr.Gotkhindikar was invited to give a lecture on Vedic Mathematics at University of Oulu, Finland. The University of Oulu is an international scientific community known for high-quality research and education that provides experts for demanding tasks on both national and international level. The University promotes well-being and education in Northern Finland and is a significant player in the Finnish and European re-search based system of innovation and education. The lecture was very well received here. This was attended by the teachers of mathematics, faculties from Mathematics department and students of education department.

The basic agenda of the lecture was, 1. To know what is Vedic Mathematics
2. Understand an alternate and faster way of computation present in this classical Indian Mathematics.
3. Appreciate the expanse of Vedic Mathematics to various pure and applied mathematical streams
4. Advantages of Vedic Mathematics The speaker tried to take the audience through various methods in Vedic Mathematics and explain them the fast way of thinking present in this Classical (ancient) Indian Mathematics. There are following advantages of Vedic Mathematics, which were much evident while solving the methods at this talk. 1. Vedic Mathematics is more integrated, efficient and fun than the conventional mathematics.
2. It leads to the greater flexibility of mind and increases mental ability to develop creative thinking.
3. It is a best memory retention technique and aids developing concentration
4. In this age of competition, Vedic Mathematics provides very elegant, fast computational methods that involve large numbers in calculation.
5. It aids the intelligent guestimation.
6. It reduces the burden of remembering the table beyond the table of 5
7. Vedic Mathematics system also provides us with a set of checking procedures for independent crosschecking of whatever we do.
8. The element of choice and flexibility present at each stage keeps the mind lively and alert and develops clarity of mind and intuition.
9. Most important it improves confidence in learning mathematics by making it more fun and interesting. It was nice to see that the Vedic Mathematics is well appreciated at the University of Oulu, Finland. Regards,

Its truly wonderful to see Vedic Math truly go Global and the acclaim that it is getting across the world that it truly deserves. Such workshops and the credibility of Vedic Math says enough and one need not mention more or give extra effort to bring it to the attention of Math Teachers and the Government in India to implement it in the school curriculum. Vedic Math is a Jewel in our Crown and it’s lustre and sheen will eventually prevail even if it takes some 200 years to be implemented in its own country of origin. Cheers to India, Victory to India. – Gaurav Tekriwal. The Vedic Maths Forum India