Vedic Mathematics has its applications in Information Technology as also discussed in an earlier post some years back. Here is a company which is using the Vedic Math algorithms to such use.
Arigami Semiconductor Systems uses Vedic Mathematics Algorithms partially to enable digital chip designers to build more efficient datapath intensive digital designs.
Vijay Kundaji, one of the co-founders of Arigami, says, all electronic products use some sort of processing which involves arithmetic. Arigami’s solution helps the process by improving the performance of datapath.
Arigami’s optimization takes inspiration from Vedic Mathematics though it’s not completely based on it. The firm has also raised seed funding from S Baskar, former CTO of bluetooth solutions firm Impulsesoft. Arigami now has three customers with whom its evaluating products. One is a wireless company while the other two are major semiconductor companies, said Kundaji without revealing names due to confidentiality agreements. Arigami has started bringing in small revenues through these consultations. Also the recession has given Arigami time to fine tune and validate its product. Though currently operating through a consulting model, it ultimately plans to scale by building a product.


  1. I found this article particularly enlightening and interesting.
    I graduated from University in 1998 with a degree in Computer Studies. One of the units I completed with distinction was the mandatory first year Mathematics course all IT students were required to do.
    Other students in the unit may have found the course to be dry and tiresome; in contrast, I found it to be refreshingly challenging and immensely enjoyable.
    You will find my blog here. I intend to make use of this and other blogs I have set up across the internet to promote this site and Vedic Mathematics in general.