Vedic Math is increasingly getting popular and its catching on like a rage in the United States. Mr.Vishwanath Unkalkar, Vedic Math Expert Author and an Active Associate of the Vedic Maths Forum of India was on a tour to the United States where he was invited to conduct some lectures on the subject at various places.

There were 2 introductory lectures to at University of Pittsburgh & other at a Church hall for Home school teachers & students. The Home School Community in the West is a Community who have chosen to take their kids out of the conventional education system and introduce them to better alternative methods of Education. Both of these Workshops had an amazing overwhelming response.

There was also a one day workshop at Harrisburgh for Indians in Hari temple premises and Sunday Classes happened for 4-5 Sundays, consecutively in the Pittsburgh Hindu-Jain Temple.

Feedback of Participants at the Harrisburgh temple workshop and also some comments from Introductory lecture at the Church

“It was great. We really enjoyed your session.” – Jim Phillips

“Wonderful explanations!!!” – R. Federline

“Excellent – Loved it. Much more informative to kids also” M. Heath

“Fantastic! Interesting presentation!!! Really helpful tips to make calculatons easier.” – Sharon

“Being a student of Math, I tremendously enjoyed your session. Your depth of the subject knowledge was indeed admirable. And from what I had heard from others, everyone absolutely appreciated your patience in dissipating the information at a level that even a 10 year old would understand. After almost four hours of your time, no one seemed to get ‘bored’ or ‘tired’.

On behalf of the community, I personally would like to thank you for your time and invite you now for another session the next time you visit your children.

Finally, if you could do me a favor, I would like to get an autographed copy of your book. It was an oversight on my part when you were here but you are not far away and I would like to get one if possible.

Wish you the best on your journey back to Mother India and please keep in touch.”

Hiten Amin