Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my privilege and honor to  bring to your kind attention about the launch of Vedic Math Ghana.
As you must be aware of the current crisis in math education all over the world and especially in Africa,  this is a step in the right direction. Many more organizations promoting Vedic Maths are required in this part of the world.
Miracule Daniel Gavor
Vedic Math Ghana is on a mission to promote competence and confidence in mathematics entrepreneurship and technological education, supporting teachers to ensure fair mathematics learning, entrepreneurship and technology of the ultimate quality for all students through vision, leadership, professional development, and research.
Vedic Math Ghana has been founded by Miracule Daniel Gavor in Accra. The purpose of the organization is to help diminish the mathematical challenges in schools and society in Ghana. Miracule Daniel adds that “Vedic Math has come to stay,lets all rally around it and make it the savior of our learners and users.”
Here’s wishing Vedic Math Ghana the very best to create an interest and love towards maths among students in Ghana. You can visit for more info.