Students from the twin Bengal cities of Serampore and Barrackpore are getting skilled in Vedic Mathematics and getting good with numbers. We feel proud to announce the launch of the Serampore Chapter of the Vedic Maths Forum under the dynamic leadership of Shri Ritwik Mukherjee.

ritwik1Shri Ritwik Mukherjee is the Director of Vedic Maths Forum Srerampore.

A Post Graduate in Economics from Calcutta University and PG Diploma holder in Journalism, Ritwik has put in more than thirty years in financial journalism, working with a number of leading financial dailies and magazines including The Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Today and the Hindustan Times. In his present capacity as the Senior Assistant Editor with Financial Chronicle, he has been extensively covering some crucial sectors of the economy.

Mr. Mukherjee organized an awareness workshop in Srerampore on Vedic Mathematics which was well attended by the local student community,parents and teachers. We also established Vedic Maths Forum Srerampore which would conduct regular workshops, online classes in mathematics and maths club activities in schools in the region.

The Vedic Maths Workshop at Srerampore, West Bengal

The local language in Srerampore is Bengali. This was the first time that we conducted parts of the workshop in Bengali of-course much to the amusement of the entire audience!

For the first time we conducted the workshop in Bengali! much to the amusement of the audience!
The Vedic Maths Workshop at the Douglas Memorial H.S.School, Barackpore

Barackpore is about 25 kilometers from Kolkata. Historically, the town was a military and administrative center under British rule, and was the scene of several acts of rebellion against Britain during the 19th century.

A workshop on Vedic Maths for classes VI, VII and VIII is currently being organized at Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School under the leadership of Mr.Ashwin.

Students enjoyed squaring mentally, doing super subtractions and of-course learning the Multiplication Sutras. They quickly grasped so much information inĀ  span of two hours which left us amazed and spell bounded!

Fun with Figures at the Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School, Barackpore

If you are an academician reading this and would like to bring the Vedic Maths Workshop to your school, call on +91-98305-32264 or mail us on