The Twitter Post seems to have hit a chord right away. I feel so good to announce that 51 people are following us on The Vedic Maths Forum India channel in 3 Days time. That seems good. Going by that I hope to have atleast a 1000 in a year’s time. So One of my New year Resolutions is going to get more followers on our VedicMathsIndia Twitter Channel.

I got a Mail from the Editor of a Popular Blog Chai Kadai Samyuktha PC, asking me to Inaugurate her section of the Blog called ‘One Question’. Here’s what she says and my comments thereon.

“Chai Kadai has started a new project called One Question. We ask a list of random questions to a variety of people. These are almost like short interviews. They will be compiled and published on the blog. You are the one to inaugarate this project. 🙂

I read through this newsletter and found the ideas remarkable. When I put forth the question and answer I will definitely write a line or two about how Vedic Maths Forum is dealing with transperancy. When you get the spare time, please send me an answer to this question, with an attached copy of your photograph and company logo (jpg format)

What do you think is the level of transparency in present educational systems? Why is transparency in education important? How can this be monitored?”

Thanking you,
Samyuktha PC,
Editor, Chai Kadai.

Here’s my take on Your Question :-

What do you think is the level of transparency in present educational systems? Why is transparency in education important? How can this be monitored?
The Level of Transperency present in the Educational System in our Country is Below Average. We still thrive on ” Controlling the Information’ rather than sharing the knowledge. Teacher’s love to do that. But they forget thanks to the dawn of the Internet and Wikipedia a Student is much more better informed and prepared for what the teacher’s talking about. Today a Student researchers not among some handful of encyclopedias on the Library but on a Wider Platform such as the Wikipedia. They know even more than the Teachers. Teachers today need to be better researched and more transparent about the activities that they do. They need to get the students more involved and engaged in themselves.

Transperency in Education is most important to have a fair and unbiased view of things. Being transparent say about the way a school function and runs is central to its authority and respect it commands even in society. Lets say for example Admission. If a School is transparent about the Admission Process it can give to rest the talks going about Lakhs spent by needy parents in Donations. Being Transparent about checking papers to give students what they rightfully deserve should be made mandatory I think toatleast start with.

How can this be monitored?

Atleast to start with A School Teacher can Twitter about his activities throughout the day. He can blog about the future courses he will be lecturing about and involve the students through quizzes, contests whereby sustaining interest in the subject. The Students will be glued on when he Twitters about exam results and declares that Ravi got a 90% in Math instantly and Sushmita got 100% In Chemistry. Students would love this kind of a thing u know. May be this can develop into a Measurement system and an award given to the most transparent teacher. Perhaps he would be the favorite one as well.

Rapid Progresses can be made with the use of Technology and Bridges can be built by being transparent. Teachers can be more Approachable and Friendly.

Gaurav Tekriwal
The Vedic Maths Forum India