TIME 2015,  IIT Bombay’s biennial conference on math education:Technology & Innovations in Math Education” is scheduled from December 4-7, 2015 at VPCOE, Baramati (Pune).
You can make a presentation in TIME 2015:
Themes for presentation (select one)
• Use of technology in the mathematics classroom – Presentations in
this strand may include the use of Dynamic Geometry Software,
Spreadsheets, Graphics Calculators Computer Algebra Systems. mobile
apps, etc for teaching and learning mathematics at various levels of
school and college mathematics.
Use of innovative teaching aids – Presentations in this strand may include any innovation which has
a positive impact on teaching and learning mathematics at any level, be
it primary, upper primary (middle school), secondary, senior secondary
or college level.
Mathematics Modelling and Applications in School
– Presentations in this strand may focus on how modelling
and applications of mathematics can be included in the school curriculum
to help student appreciate the relevance of mathematics to various
subject disciplines and also to solve problems in real life.

Mathematics Laboratory Activities – This strand will focus on specific
activities that can be conducted in a mathematics laboratory which
either highlights a mathematical concept or some important aspects of a
topic of school mathematics.
Mathematics Curriculum and
– This strand will focus on presentations which emphasize the
relevance of various topics in the curriculum and on how assessment of
learning in these topics may be done through innovative means.
Pls contact Prof.Rana for Registration and Participation details.
Dr. Inder K. Rana
Emeritus Fellow
Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai
Mumbai 400076, India

Phone: 091+022+25767462