Gaurav Tekriwal at TIME 2011
It was a pleasure to be at TIME 2011  (Technology and Innovation in Maths Education)  at Indore. I know it has been a while since the event happened and I was so stuck in some thing or the other that I could not blog about it. So I thought why not today?
TIME 2011 was organised at the Indore Public School at Indore by IIT Bombay under the guidance of Prof Rana. Considering that our Prime Minister announced 2012 to be a National Year of Mathematics , there were over 200 Maths teachers from across India who had congregated for the Conference.
There  were a range of events which had been organised. Presentations by the Kerela Mathematicians, Casio, Texas Instruments, Scientech,etc. Geogebra workshops were clearly standing out. On the last day Prof.Rana had organised a Maths Carnival. There was a wide spectrum of events happening like Maths Quizzes, Puzzles, Mental Maths Workshop ( done by yours truly), Displays of Maths Models and other interesting and related stuff. 
TIME is organised once every two years by IIT Bombay. It brings together Maths Educators and Technology lovers to learn from each other and share best practices in this field. Here’s looking forward to TIME 2013 next year.