This Article does not have anything to do with Vedic Mathematics directly but I strongly urge all my readers who are Parents to go through it.  This book, Roots and Wings by Raksha Bharadia is highly recommended as a handbook!
As parents, our dreams for our children are noble. We do our best, even stretch beyond the available resources—time, efforts, finances—to provide an environment that would facilitate their optimal development. Yet more often than not we find ourselves at loggerheads; frustrated, exhausted and uncertain of the rightness and efficacy of our parental efforts and skeptical of the potential of our children. We find them struggling with low self-esteem, loneliness, boredom, obesity; suffering from stress, burn-out, depression. Kids do not come with a manual and the jargon of work on parenting is often conflicting and polarised. Roots and Wings—A Handbook for Parents addresses parenting conflicts and dilemmas; how to manage the thin line between freedom and structure, space and control, being a mentor and a friend, our expectations of the child versus his native endowments. This book is about giving our children roots, so that they can stand firm; and wings, so that they may soar and achieve their potential. With in-depth research and interviews with personalities such as Kumar Mangalam Birla, Jaya Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Jogen Chowdhary, Mrinal Sen, Hemant Trivedi, Kiran Bedi, Javed Akhtar and Sanjeev Kapoor, the book shows you ways in which you can help your children along the long and winding road of discovery—within and without, of the self and of the world at large.
An Excerpt:
Raksha Bharadia is the author of Me: A handbook for life (Rupa & Co). Raksha has co-authored ‘Chicken soup for the Indian soul’ ‘(Westland). Her latest work is Roots and Wings- A handbook for Parents. She has contributed features for Times of India, Femina, Gurlz and Life Positive.  Always one to follow her dreams and passions, she has rekindled her romance with the world of rythm and is reinventing herself currently as a Kathak danseuse. Raksha also taught at the school for the visually challeneged, at Andh Kanya Gruh. Currently she is teaching english in a street school run by NGO Manv Sadhna at Ram-Raheem ka Tekra. She lives in Ahmedabad.  

Raksha Bharadia would be in Kolkata from 23rd to 29th November 2008, giving talks and workshops at The Don Bosco School, The Heritage and The Roundtable.
All Are invited for the Book Read at Crosswords on the 27th November 2008.