Dr Ram Mohan Tiwari
Dr. Ram Mohan Tiwari – The last living disciple of  Swami Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji
 It was an amazing experience and rare honour to meet and discuss Vedic Mathematics with Dr.Ram Mohan Tiwari who is the last living disciple of Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji, the founding father of Vedic Mathematics.
 “They kissed the carpet on which he walked” says Dr.Tiwari about Tirthaji when he toured the United States in 1958.
“Praising and praying the divine Sandals ( Charan Paduka) of Guruji Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Mahraj has become a part and parcel of my life. By grace of God I had an opportunity to serve Swamiji and spend some time at his feet.Due to young age and an average mindset to achieve other objectives, and an average mindset , I could not gain much knowledge from His Holiness.Whatever time I had to spend with Swamiji, I utilized it in giving my service to Swamiji, rather than to gain knowledge as it was difficult in that young age.”
Yours truly with Dr.Ram Mohan Tiwariji
“In the Ramayana,Goswami Tulsidasji wrote that there is nothing more important than giving your entire life to serve your Guru, the experience of which would give heavenly pleasure. I am fortunate to experience it in my life.Tirthaji never used to talk about himself. Most of his time was spent in solving problems of others and praying for them. He used to bear pain achieve goals of others.”
It was amazing to hear the personal experiences of Tiwariji. We were also fortunate to get copies of the biography of Tirthaji written by Tiwariji himself. Along with the biography the book also has several rare pictures of Tirthaji, some of which we would be publishing on this blog shortly.