The Vedic Maths Workshop at Dubai
The Vedic Maths Workshop at Jumeirah Islands, Dubai
This summer we conducted a private Workshop in Dubai. The Workshop was organized by Mr.Saha from Dubai. It was a pleasure conducting the workshop for 8 hours every day. Hats off to the children who sat patiently and learnt the concepts of Vedic Maths every day. Apart from the Vedic concepts which were taught, we had a Maths Quiz, Debates, Puzzles, Chart making and other interesting facets of Vedic maths. Application of Vedic Maths in real time mathematics was discussed as well.

The students were diligent and were very enthusiastic after learning the new methods. We even had 2 teams debate the topic ‘Relevance of Vedic Maths in current times’. Some kids wondered why isn’t VM taught in schools?

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Fun with Shapes – at the Vedic Maths Workshop
Kids Enjoying at the Vedic Maths Workshop


The Digit Sum Man
Overall everybody learnt, enjoyed and was happy with the Maths taught. It was also a learning experience for us and we had a few breakthrough moments during the course of the workshop.