The Magic of Vedic Maths in Silvassa, A short documentary film

The Vedic Maths Forum India has been promoting Vedic Mathematics globally since 2000. It was founded by Gaurav Tekriwal and since then the forum has been conducting workshops, talks, and presentations to spread the idea of Vedic Mathematics based on the works of Tirthaji and to raise the standards of numeracy world-wide.

Recently, Vedic Maths Forum India was invited by the Directorate Of Education, U.T Administration of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu to train 7000 students studying in Government Schools in the region.

Maths phobia is a very common problem affecting the student community across the globe. The situation was not at all different in the Union Territory of Silvassa. Hence to make maths education easier and to increase the numeracy levels of students in Silvassa, the Department of Education, Silvassa decided to train 7000 students in Vedic Mathematics.

We at Vedic Maths Forum India aim to eliminate maths phobia from children. Our mission is to make maths fun and easy. Vedic Maths consists of 16 Sutras or Word Formulae and 13 sub-sutras (Sub Formulae) which can be used for solving mathematical problems in a far simpler manner. Using these techniques, it is possible to calculate 10–15 times faster than the usual methods. It covers a wide range of topics from simple addition to trigonometry and calculus.

Vedic Maths Forum India reached Silvassa with its team of 15 experts to train students in Vedic Mathematics. The training was conducted for a period of one month in more than 25 schools in the region to teach over 7000 maths phobic students. Initially Vedic Maths Forum India team analyzed that the students were not confident enough to solve basic maths problems.

There has been a remarkable difference in the way students now do mathematics with the help of Vedic Maths. The students now are more confident to face the challenges and Maths-Phobia. We would like to thank the Directorate Of Education, U.T Administration of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu for giving us the opportunity to make maths fun and easy for so many students in just a month’s time.