Back to basics: Students of Bhashyam Blooms displaying their models at Vedic Mathematics Expo held in Guntur on Monday.

GUNTUR: The nimble fingers played with the figures and their minds worked with a furious speed to work out solutions. The students of Bhashyam Blooms here on Monday did their own bit to remember the contribution of Srinivasa Ramanujam to the field of Mathematics by presenting various models at an exhibition of Vedic Mathematics to mark the birth anniversary of the mathematics genius.

Over 500 students from various educational institutions belonging to the Bhashyam Educational Society took part in the exhibition divided into three categories – Vedic Mathematics, Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Three eminent mathematicians acted as judges and in the valedictory function, M.L.C Rayapati Srinivas gave away prizes.

Bhashyam School director Ramakrishna was present. “Vedic mathematics makes it simpler and a very useful tool to create inquisitiveness among the children in primary-level.

We use simple formulae inVedic Mathematics to resolve complex additions and subtractions,” said School Principal Uma.

For instance, students of Class 7 found a simple solution for solving complex problems in subtraction by a method called as Ekanyuneus Poorveda (By One Less than before). Using a point instead of the carrying number, they got the solution quickly.

The exhibition had 90 projects on Vedic Mathematics and 70 on Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Some of the students displayed their creative talent by using thermocole shapes as examples to various vedic formulae, which offered simple solutions to mind boggling number games and complex problems.

“What we have shown is simple applications in basic fundas of Maths, like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division,” added the principal.