Nowadays students have a concept understanding problem with the subject Mathematics always complain of the monotonous way of teaching that goes tangent to their minds. 

Math is fun if taught in a way that catches your interest. 

You just need to choose the method which you feel comfortable and also this is what teachers have to lookout. 

Insist students to ask questions

Questioning is the first step to discovery. Asking questions helps a human being to develop their understanding of that particular subject. In a classroom full of students we often step back from raising our queries which submerges our interest in the subject. So insist your students ask more questions related to math problems even if the questions are silly. Don’t make them realize that their questions are not important because once they are ashamed to ask questions then it will become their habit to not ask questions.

Let your students find out the solution instead of giving them answers

Curiosity is the key. It is important to make mistakes to learn more and more about the topic. So it’s always better to be foolish in front of the teacher then to regret later. It’s not only helping a student to develop their problem-solving skills, but they also start questioning and taking an active part in the classroom.

Praise your Students

Praising someone gives them the motivation to do more. At the age of a student, they always need appreciation for their effort to learn more and more. Praise your students whenever they are asking questions out of curiosity and make them realize the importance of questioning. As a teacher, you should always motivate your students to understand that making mistakes is not something made them a loser, but not correcting or ignoring those mistakes can create a lifetime question mark to their existing knowledge.

Innovative way of teaching

In the era that we are living, we see a lot of new ideas and innovative ways in every field getting famous. Sometimes we as a student find blackboard and duster boring to understand the mathematical operations. There are many new ways in which one can learn maths, for example, Finger Multiplication, Vedic Maths techniques and so on. Learning is fun if we find a way through the problem.