Speed Maths Challenge 2015 (Cape Town, 1 August 2015)
How can we change Maths from being described as boring,
tedious and difficult to fun, creative and exciting? One way is to show
learners simpler, alternate ways of doing Maths, turning the lesson into a
game. This is the objective of the Speed Maths Challenge initiated by Vedic
Maths Forum SA (VMFSA) in 2014.
VMFSA provides School Maths tutoring to learners in Grade 4
to 12 and offers courses in Vedic Maths (a Mental Maths programme) via an online
platform. We wanted to take this a step further though – to reach more learners
and teachers and demonstrate to them that Maths can be fun. This is how the Speed
Maths Challenge was born – a Quiz competition that tests learners’ knowledge and
application of Mental Maths through Maths Puzzles and speed challenges.
Over the last 6 months, we have worked with Grade 4, 5, and
6 learners in 4 schools – Habibia Primary, Rylands Primary, Surrey Primary and
Vanguard Primary. The learners were taught a few Vedic Maths techniques and
given the opportunity to work through Maths puzzles. This was done through
workshops with learners, self-study notes and a Vedic Maths Club. The Vedic Maths Club is an
extra-mural activity run at Rylands Primary and Vanguard Primary and facilitated
by teachers with guidance and support from VMFSA.
On the 1st August 2015, 3 teams from each of
these 4 schools will compete against each other in 3 categories (Grade 4, 5 and
6) in Speed Maths Challenge 2015. The event is being held at Rylands Primary
School in Rylands, Cape Town from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Based on our experience from 2014, we have seen that this
type of competition not only enhances Mental Maths ability but encourages
teamwork builds confidence, increases concentration and develops logic and
strategic thinking skills.
Feedback received from the schools
that participated last year, demonstrates that a competition such as this one,
can be an intrinsic motivator and encourage learners to try harder and
challenge themselves.
“Learners were very thrilled with the
methods taught – especially once they mastered it.
The learners definitely benefited
from the methods. It made them aware that there is more than one way to solve
As for the competition, the learners were
very excited and eager to participate. It also gave them a chance to test their
newly acquired skills against other learners. Many of them also came to me and
mentioned that if they had put in more effort they would have been able to do
even better – which is good. They realise if they work hard they will more be
Rylands Primary School – Mr M.S. Hendricks
Our vision is to take this competition to more schools next
year and use this as a tool to create a more positive perception of Maths in the
minds of our learners and teachers.

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