Enthusiasm = Math Challenge2
This is certainly what we experienced at the schools participating
in the first Speed Math Challenge being hosted by Vedic Maths Forum South
The initiative started in March this year where five schools
in Cape Town: Rylands Primary, Starling Primary, Habibia Primary, Regina Coeli
and Turfhall Primary agreed to participate in the Speed Math Challenge. We then
conducted workshops for the Grade 4’s, 5’s and 6’s where they were taught some
High Speed Vedic Maths methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication.
Each child then completed a written test and the top 9 scorers in each Grade
The next phase was a Knock-Out Round at each school to choose
1 team of 3 learners in each Grade to represent their school. This was
conducted from 17 – 24 June. There was excitement, tension and some nerves as
the learners raced against the clock to complete calculations and Maths


We were taken aback at the warm welcome from the
schools and learners. At each school, we learnt something new that will help us
on this mission of spreading the love of Maths.

The final will take place on Saturday, 2 August at Turfhall Primary School in Cape Town, where 3 teams from each of the schools will compete against each other to see who is the best at Speed Maths.

Here are some of the photographs taken during the Knock-Out Rounds at the schools.

Habibia Primary School:

Warm welcome


Mandalas- Geometry and Art – Grade 5


Mandalas- Geometry and Art – Grade 5


“We are ready to begin.”


Our panel: timekeeper and scorer


Our audience – can they work it out?


Grade 6 Teams

Regina Coeli Primary:

Explaining the rules


Ready, Set, GO!




“I know the answer.”


Practice makes perfect.


“I don’t get this.”


“We’re almost out of time!”


Team Challenge




Starling Primary School:


“This is easy!”


“This is how you do it.”


The only team to complete the Sudoku Challenge – WELL DONE!


Grade 6 Teams



Rylands Primary School:

“Grade 4’s – are you ready?”


“This is what you need to do.”


“Oh the PRESSURE!”


Team Spirit


“I can explain the pattern!”


Grade 5 Teams



























On 2 August, all five schools will compete in the Final Challenge.