Vedic Maths Forum South Africa will be hosting a Speed Math
Challenge in August 2014 for learners in Grade 4 to Grade 6. Five schools in the
Rylands/Athlone area in Cape Town are participating in this exciting event.
These are Rylands Primary, Turfhall Primary, Regina Coeli Primary, Habibia Primary and
Starling Primary.
During 8 – 16 April, we visited the schools and conducted Maths
workshops for all learners in Grade 4 to 6. Here we introduced them to simpler
and faster ways of calculation using Vedic Maths, with the aim of inspiring them
and demonstrating that Maths can be fun.
The topics covered during the 45 minute sessions were:
Addition (Bonds), Subtraction, Times Tables, High Speed Multiplication Methods
and Divisibility. The workshops were received which enthusiasm and excitement from
the learners and teachers.
Some of the highlights were:
·        Learners asking for more practice sums.
·        Learners wanting to work on more challenging examples.
·        Whole class participation.
·        A challenge: workshop facilitator vs the calculator. The facilitator was faster!
Regina Coeli Primary
Starling Primary School
Rylands Primary School


Habibia Primary School
In the next phase of this project, the learners at the schools will complete a written test to determine the participants in the Knock-out rounds to be conducted at each of the schools. The winners of the Knock-out rounds will then advance to the final in August where the schools will compete against each other – 1 team per Grade per school.
We would like to thank the
management and staff at the schools for their support and assistance in making
this event possible and are eagerly anticipating the next phases of the project!


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