Technology + Singapore Math = Number Sense from Cassandra Turner

For a change, today I was looking at Singapore Math. Singapore Math is increasingly getting popular with US Educators so much so that it has been adopted for the curriculum in some states in the United States.

According to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study   (TIMSS Survey) in 2003, Singapore ranked at the top of the world in 4th and 8th Grade Mathematics. After this there was a big interest globally in Singapore Math and people wanted to study and explore this further.Singapore
Math is a teaching method based on the primary textbooks and syllabus from the national curriculum of Singapore.
These textbooks have a consistent and strong emphasis on problem
solving and model drawing, with a focus on in-depth understanding of the
essential math skills.

Explanations of
math concepts are
exceptionally clear and simple (often just a few words in a cartoon
balloon), so that students can read it easily.

Singapore Math
for the elementary grades uses the Concrete > Pictorial >
Abstract approach. The students are provided with the necessary learning
experiences beginning with the concrete and pictorial stages, followed
by the abstract stage to enable them to learn mathematics
meaningfully. This approach encourages active thinking process,
communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving. The books
emphasize mental math and the model drawing approach.

I was watching the presentations by Cassy Turner and have them here for you.

Perhaps if we fuse Singapore Math with Vedic Math it will benefit students in the long run.

Intro To Singapore Math from Cassandra Turner