Shiksha Sanskriti Uthan Nyas's National Workshop on Vedic Maths,Gwalior
Shri Atul Kothari Ji speaks at the inaugural session
It has been a pleasure to be at the National Workshop on Vedic Maths of Shiksha Sanskriti Uthan Nyas at Gwalior for the last two days. It is exciting to see over 40 participants gathered from all across India to learn new concepts from senior members and teachers of the organization.
Each participant was required to have a working knowledge of over five Vedic maths sutras. Before the start of the workshop, a self-assessment test was given to all participants. Let me share a question with you.
Shri Seeta Rama Rao ji takes session on Day 1


Shri Kailash Vishwakarma Ji discusses VM with participants
Can you show 10 ways to find the Square of 995? I must add and confess that I could show only about 6 ways to do it. Thereafter I learnt the other 4 ways to do it. Also, I must bring to attention that when we started discussing we came up with more than 16 ways to solve the sum!
Thereafter Shri Seeta Rama Rao Ji took centre stage and took a session on exponents which he explained in detail. A lot of technical details were shared and explanations about Meruprasta( Pascal’s triangles) were given.
Shri Bachubhai Rawal ji speaks on Roots & exponents


Shri Atul Kothari Ji chairs the introductory session
Post lunch session was given by Shri Bachubhai Rawal, an exponent of Vedic Mathematics. He beautifully showed the connections between roots and exponents.
Then came the reports which were given by various representative and state heads. This session was jointly chaired by Shri Atul Kothari Ji, Dr.Kailash Vishwakarma Ji and Shri Bachubhai Rawalji. The various reports were very much appreciated by all the participants who encouraged each other.
Thereafter the day came to an end with a short excursion to the famous Sun Temple nearby. We now eagerly await the start of Day 2 where we will be learning Division and Divisibility by Shri Vishwanath Unkalkarji author of Magical World of Vedic Mathematics and Excel with Vedic Mathematics.

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The Sun Temple, Gwalior


Fellow participants at Gwalior