How to revise one week before exam

Exams are knocking at the door, So students ask for revision tips more often. Revision is important for every student before exams because they will get to know about the loop of their exam preparation. Students generally don’t know how to revise or how they can manage time to revise in a day. 

Here we are to help students by mentioning some great and easy to follow revision tips which will help them to revise and perform well in the exam.

Try to focus on revision

Revision is the best way to recheck your preparation.  Constantly work on your mistakes give yourself an idea about whole year preparation. The revision also helps you to find out the mistakes which you might have neglected while preparing. You can also revise the subjects in which you feel weak. Take pen to paper and write up what you have learned and practice them for 2 to 3 times for better revision.

Focus on Formulas

Revision of formulas will help you to get better results, especially when you have mathematics and physics exams ahead. Formulas are easy to remember if you practice them on a daily basis. It’s also important to revise those for better remembering. Formulas help a student to figure out how to solve math and physics questions. So, to remember formulas you can use white paper and write those formulas with different colors of the pen for a better look and easily recognizable. Because when you are in a hurry, you may neglect some important points or formulas so these well-written pages are going to help you out and make easy to find formulas.

Do practice sample questions regarding your Syllabus

If you solve enough questions about your syllabus and looking for what the next thing you can do? The answer is very simple, do practice sample question papers related to your exam. Try to solve them within a time slot so that when you are in an exam hall then you will finish your paper before time. So practicing the sample papers must be on your to-do list before the exam.

Go through Past Papers

Solving past papers can help you to know about the pattern of your examination. So if you are nervous about what types of questions will appear on the exam then you should practice previous year questions. Previous year Questions can give you a brief idea about the type, marks, and length of each section of the question paper. It will also help you to choose the sections which you will attempt first. So keep in mind and try to solve at least 10 previous year questions.  

Set a Routine for Revision

Students often ask questions like what is the best time to revise for the exam? Or what subject we should revise first? So the answer is you can revise any subject at any time, you just need a systematic pattern for that. So that you can maintain discipline in your studies. At first, set a routine and take the subject first which you feel weak and revise that for at least 1 hour. Choose subjects according to your strengths and weakness so that you can turn your weak subjects in your strength and your strong subject into stronger.


We are suggesting you follow these tips for a whole year of preparation, this will help you to do your best on your exams. Because revise before 1 week can make you feel worried about your revision. Keep in mind these tips to boost your study session.

We hope that this blog will help you to maintain a healthy and disciplined revision routine for yourself.