It gives me immense pleasure to introduce a new section on our blog today! From today every day, you will get Puzzles to Puzzle you and open your mind! Dr.Rajesh Kumar Thakur will be giving us a new puzzle every day and winners stand a chance to be mentioned on this blog and win gift hampers.

Dr. Rajesh Thakur is a mathematics lover and loves to play with the number. He has written 32 books, 100 mathematical articles, 10 Research Papers and Dozens of Hindi Poem.

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Here is today’s puzzle:

friends were returning from college when they saw a speeding car hitting a man
while he was crossing the road and fleeing away. They shouted in desperateness  to
seek help from the passersby but failed.

In the meantime, they noticed the
registration number of the car and tried to remember in their own style. They
rushed the person to the nearby hospital where he was admitted. The doctor
called the police as this was a case of road accident and a case was

In order to do a proper investigation, the police started inquiring the three friends and asked them if they could provide the registration number
of the car so that the driver who had hit the person can be caught up. All the
three friends tried a lot to remember the car number but failed so they
altogether decided to zero upon the number of the car as they have remembered
the car number with some mathematical properties behind it.

Student: — Sir, the first two digits of the car number were the same.
Student: – Sir, the last two digits of the car number were the same.
Student:- The four digit number is a
square number.
you guess the car number to help the police to nab the guilty?
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