Hey Friends,
Thanks a lot for your continuous answer of Puzzle 1 and 2 posted. I congratulate
Mr.Rupesh Gesota for his correct answer with logic. The answer is obviously 7744 but 99% of the mail I received had posted only 7744 as an answer.This is another set of Puzzle which you would love to play but the condition remains the same. You have to post me the basic reasoning i.e. the algebraic proof on which the puzzle is based and train your students also to improve his mathematics with logic. This is not the birthday puzzle you generally play so use your brain and be a mathematician.BIRTHDAY PUZZLE
1. Add
18 to the month in which you were born?

= 1…. July = 7  and  December
= 12
2. Multiply the result with 25
3. Subtract 333
4. Multiply by 8
5. Subtract 554
6. Divide by 2
7. Add your birthday to the previous result
8. Multiply  the result by 5
9. Add 692 to it
10. Multiply the result by 20
11. Add the last two digits of the year you were born, i.e 75 for 1975, 99 for 1999
Get confused!       Your wait is over
12. You will have a 5 or 6 digit number
13. Subtract 32940 from your result. It is a 5 or 6 digit number.
the number obtained is    xy
ab  cd
xy = Month
ab = Date
cd = Year
Do you remember your promise?
I know you do, so please play this puzzle and solve the puzzle algebraically and send mail to
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Thakur