Vedic Maths Workshop at ACTT from gtekriwal

I had the opportunity to know about All Children Together Trust ( ACTT )
seven years ago in 2005. The objective of A.C.T.T. is to provide
opportunities for orphans, semi-orphans, street or lost children, to
flourish in a safe and family atmosphere.
Mr.Chandan Das , the secretary of ACTT , recently approached us for organizing a Vedic Maths Workshop for the kids at ACTT. At first I was little skeptical if they
would understand…but I thought of giving it a shot anyway.Trust
me….the way the children did calculations…completely amazed me. Not
only did they absorb the maths taught to them ..they asked such
relevant,sharp and pin pointed questions. It was a very satisfying experience. I am looking forward to
sharing more of Vedic Maths in a second session with them in January