Dear Friends,

The Festive Season of Diwali has just got over and what a way to fill its emptiness…we have a Brand New Vedic Maths Community on WIZIQ thanks to Vikrama Dhiman and Harman Singh, CEO of Wiziq, The Best Platform to learn Online.

My Heartfelt thanks to the Wiziq team for taking the decision to start this Community on our request as it will connect the students to the teachers of today who are making a difference in the field of Vedic Math Field.


Its been a Long Journey and cherished relationship with Wiziq which we have undergone since its launch in 2007. Since its young days Wiziq has evolved into a butterfly, ready to take off into the world.

This Vedic Maths Community seeks to bring together for the first time passionate and committed teachers on Vedic Mathematics. We at the Vedic Maths Forum India wish to work and recruit teachers working in the field of Vedic Mathematics for our Online and Offline Operations. This will be an ideal platform to bring us all together.


This community will seek to dispel myths about Vedic Maths, Enlighten Students and answer there queries on the topic.

We wish to conduct loads of Online Workshops and Seminars and Look Forward to being a step in your over all career development.


Please add in below how else can we make this community more useful to the users.
You can connect on the Vedic Maths Community at

And We have also started talking about a FIRST TIME EVER ONLINE VEDIC MATHS CARNIVAL. What it is and how can you participate read on by clicking here

– The Vedic Maths Forum India