Oldest Inscription of 'Zero' at Gwalior Fort
The Gwalior Fort
I must confess to my dear readers that one of the advantages of travelling extensively is to be able to see the beauty of our country’s ancient heritage. Take for example the 8th-century Gwalior Fort located in the heart of the Indian town of Gwalior.
The fort consists of a
defensive structure and two main palaces, Gurjari Mahal and Man Mandir,
built by Man Singh Tomar. What it also consists is the oldest inscription of the ‘Zero’ – One of India’s greatest contribution in the field of Mathematics.
 The inscription is located inside the Chaturbhuj Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which I had the opportunity to see! The fort itself is more than grand and its worth the effort to travel to Gwalior to see it.
The Chaturbhuj Temple, Gwalior Fort