On the Joyous Occasion of the Festival of Navaratri, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of a New Book on Advanced Vedic Mathematics titled “Excel with Vedic Mathematics” by Prof.V.G.Unkalkar.The Book is path-breaking in terms of the depth of the topics covered and new topics highlighted like the Date Magic Square. The Book covers discoveries by Prof.Unkalkar in Divisibility especially the reverse osculation process. Also highlights Calculus both differential and integral as well as Partial Fractions among other topics.

The book is over 150 pages and has over 13 strong topics to browse around and has the blessings from the Current Jagadguru Shankaracharyaji of Puri.

This book is hardly 1 Day Old today And is available for Sale Exclusively from our Vedic Maths Forum India Book Store. If you would wish to purchase a Copy the same is available at a discount of 20% to you. You can email your order request to us at gtekriwal(at)gmail(dot)com


Prof. Unkalkar, Prof. Srivathsa and yours truly at a Vedic Maths Meet in Temple Town of Konark.

The Author and yours truly share a Light Moment in Puri.The Vedic Maths Forum India Congratulates Prof.Unkalkar on his second book after the phenomenal first best seller Magical world of Vedic Mathematics.


  1. Please let me know the price and appreciate the great thoughts of Prof Unkalkar who have taken on to giving us a closer look at higher mathematics from the Vedic Mathematics Window. Looking forward to reading the book.