Having a Strong Memory has been the desire of a lot of students. A Strong Memory would help to boost academic scores and give each student the competitive edge.
Md. Faisal during the Guinness attempt
Today we are proud to be writing about three individuals with exceptional memory who I came to know during the course of teaching Vedic Mathematics. Also I felt nice to know that each of these individuals teach Vedic Maths in their respective cities.


Meet Muhammad Faisal an active associate of Vedic Maths Forum India, who made the Guinness World Record for his Strongest Memory on May 18, 2011. Muhammad Faisal a well known Human Computer Prodigy made his attempt by memorizing 18 randomly selected objects in 1 minute. Faisal teaches Memory Power and Vedic Mathematics in North India.
Sai Kiran
Sai Kiran from
Hyderabad. He teaches a concept called ‘Vedic Memory’ and his students
swears by it. He has also made a World Record in the Limca Book of
Records for memorizing 100 cryptic words.Sai has a huge fan following in Andhra Pradesh and he has also given workshops on this concept outside the country.
                Meet John Louis – The Grand Master of Memory.

John Louis at a packed Workshop

is the first Indian to win the prestigious title Grand Master of
Memory. He holds several national records on memory – memorized 3600
binary digits, 2400 random numbers, 20 packs of cards, memorized 90
spoken numbers, memorized a pack of cards in 96.75 seconds and solved 7
Rubik’s cube blindfolded etc. He is also a human calendar and a mental