Rajesh Kumar Thakur
Shri Rajesh Kumar Thakur currently works as a Director at the National Vedic
Maths Academy, a branch of the All India Ramanujan Maths Club, Gujarat.
He has been teaching secondary and senior secondary school
students for the past 14 years and has written more than 30 books and
around 100 mathematical articles and dozens of research papers in
national and international journals.
To popularize Vedic Mathematics, he
has thus far conducted more than 250 seminars in different states in
India and trained more than 50000 students. He has also conducted
several talks as well as the National Level Math Quiz show on All India
Radio. He loves writing poetry and has written many poems, dozens of
which have been published in various magazines of repute.
Mr. Thakur has
received many awards, including the National Best Teacher Award by
AlRMC in 2010. In the year 2014, the All India Ramanujan Maths Club honoured him with Special Achievement Award for conducting 125 free
workshops on mathematics in the year 2012.
Being awarded the LKP Award from Honourable Governor of Uttar Pradesh
“It was a pleasure meeting Rajeshji in New Delhi a few months ago. His passion and dedication for Vedic Mathematics are certainly amazing! His down to earth approach and humbleness made me his fan.
The Vedic Maths Forum India applauds his achievements and distinctions and we look forward to working with him closely on many projects .”
Shri Rajesh Kumar Thakur with Gaurav Tekriwal