Maths Sutras
It gives me great honour and pride to present to you Maths Sutra – The Art of Vedic Speed Calculation ‘ published by Penguin Random House India. Based on the sixteen sutras, Vedic maths is practically the only magical
principle you need to tackle anything from simple arithmetic to
algebra, algorithms, square roots, cube roots and many
more mathematical concepts.
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In this book, I have tried to make concepts simple yet very relevant, given students loads of practice exercises and made it fun too! This book is also the result of my travels and workshops conducted at various cities and towns globally.
The rationale for this book stems from the current numeracy standards of India and a desire to help students who struggle with numbers. There can be many ways of looking at a problem and students can have a different perspective too. This book is a matter of giving the student a choice in terms of the methods they use in the classroom.
Also, I often hear in my workshops that why the need for Vedic Maths in this age of computers and calculators? Well, computers and calculators is certainly not a replacement of the maths classes and mental maths skills is needed to develop number sense in kids. That’s why the need for mental maths programs like Vedic Mathematics.
Well, I urge the community at large to take advantage of this book and use it for their various competitive examinations. If any part of this book ever helps anyone to solve a maths problem in an easier way – I would consider my role as a teacher and author fulfilled. Send in your valuable feedback onĀ