This message goes out to all Indians to sit up and take note of the beautiful system of High Speed Vedic Mathematics.Vedas are the oldest scriptures of humanity. The decimal system has been introduced from the Vedas. The nomenclature of various power of ten (Units, Tens, Hundreds…) up to seventeenth power were very common to the people of India thousands of years ago. When the Europe was in the primitive stage, Indians were using the so called Pythagoras Theorem in the form of the Sulba Sutra. The credit of using unknown variables, So called Algebra goes to Bhaskara 11th Century A.D. The Pascal’s Triangle of the recent age is nothing but Halayudha’s Meruprastar of 10th Century A.D. Due to various invasions by foreigners since last 500 years Indian went in a phase of slavery. It lost most of her rich cultural heritage in this time. Even after Independence, we still are following the educational system taught by the British. Whether we are aware of our ancient precious treasure of knowledge or not remains a question that requires serious thought. One of the Gems amongst the treasure is Vedic Math. The verses of Atharva Veda- one of the four Vedas contain the hidden mathematical meaning. The fact was visualized by Bharti Tirthaji of Puri in the 20th Century. His deep meditation enabled him to formulate 16 main formulas sutras or aphorism as they are called which form a part of Atharva Veda as an appendix. These formulas are in Sanskrit but very simple to understand and easier to operate on various branches of mathematics. Vedic Math is not a separate branch of mathematics but is routine mathematics itself. These Vedic Method provide super fast, one line & many times mental answers. Vedic Math converts the routine tedious math into a playful and a blissful subject which anyone can learn with a smile. It is entirely a new approach to study math based on the pattern recognition whereby student’s creative approach as well as development of the brain can be easily achieved. Unlike conventional monotonous method for each operation (Multiplication, Division, Squares, Cubes, Square Roots, Cube Roots etc) Vedic Methods contain number of special pattern problems along with one general technique. This choice or selection of methods keeps the mind alert to develop the clarity of thought an intuition and thus the holistic development of brain automatically takes place. Vedic Math is being regularly taught in many parts of the world like the U.K, Holland Australia, and Mexico etc. If our Government authority and the educational departments think seriously to include these simple magical and our own Vedic Methods in the syllabus from primary educational level itself, it will be helpful to increase the mental ability and IQ of the future generation. Every one will start enjoying the mathematics through the essence of Vedic Methods. This article is written by Mr.V.G.Unkalkar associate of The Vedic Maths Forum India. He is the author of the latest book ‘ Magical World of Mathematics’. He has conducted over 300 introductory lecutres and over 50 workshops on Vedic Math including in the United States.He has attended over 5 National conferences On Vedic Math and has presented several papers.

We present some of his Snapshots of his various travels across the country. His book will soon be available on our website.

V.G.Unkalkar giving an exposition on Vedic Math

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  1. Hi, Sir, I live in UK, and I want to learn Vedic Maths as well, or is it possible that I can buy DVD or BOOKS here in UK?