Vedic Maths in Romania

Today on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi it gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of Vedic Maths Romania.
We have been working on the launch of this project for the last three months and finally it had been made possible today. There is a great deal of interest in
Vedic Mathematics especially because there is an ongoing maths crisis in
Romania. Romania has a 50 percent failure rate at the Baccalaureate
exam, continuing the increasing trend in recent years. Given this
background of Maths Scores  in the country, Vedic Maths seems to be an ideal
solution to the students.
Ritu Cazacu , President Vedic Maths Romania with her team in Bucharest.
There is a series of workshops being organized in Romania to promote the cause of Vedic Mathematics this year. We sincerely hope that Vedic Maths plays a role in solving the maths crisis in the country.
Here is a video of Doina Bucur, Senior Maths Trainer giving an introduction to Vedic Maths in Bucharest.


The Workshop was a big success and there is a deep interest in the Dept. of Education in Romania and the Media to implement this in schools to improve the state of Maths education in the country. 

So can you multiply 98 x 97 in five seconds?

It is great to see the growth of Vedic Maths globally and helping to make a difference in the state of maths education in each country.

And if you are in Bucharest and a math phobic and looking for an option to make maths interesting go to Vedic Maths Romania – cause in the words of  Ritu Cazacu “We will make you love Maths”.