In your school days if you dreaded the scary Pi = 3.14…  you have reasons to smile. A Group of mathematicians have called to replace the pi with an alternate value Tau.
Mathematicians say while 3.14159265, the number’s value, is not incorrect, it is the wrong figure to be associated with the properties of a circle as a matter of course. “Tau” has a value twice that of pi — of 6.28
Tau proponents say that for many problems in maths, tau makes more sense and makes calculations easier. What do you think?


  1. I find myself having to explain the difference between π and τ to the uninitiated. τ's effectively only 2π, but you don't have to go around multiplying this new constant by 2 everywhere; one τ per circle is enough.

    Then I show then about circles and radians, and how one quarter turn = τ/4, a half turn = τ/2, a three quarter turn = 3τ/4 and a full turn = τ. None of this multiplying the constant by 2 everywhere: the circumference of a circle c = τ x the radius, rather than 2π, and in quantum mechanics just about every single equation and expression involves the entity ħ which equals h/2π; if you replace 2π with τ, you get ħ = h/τ in everything.

    Finally, e^iτ = 1, a more elegant expression of Euler's formula.