Its been 14 years since the passion for educating students with Vedic Maths began. And it has been an awesome journey so far meeting so many of you out there and making a little difference in your lives. Vedic Maths to us is more than just passion and today I would like to thank a lot of people without whom this journey would have been incomplete.
First I would like to thank our Master and Guru His Holiness Tirthaji Maharaja. His influence on me through his work has been tremendous and I would like to first start by thanking his great soul. We are indebted to you Master for your teachings and blessings.
Next, I would like to thank the current Shankaracharya of Puri for his countless blessings and guidance. Guruji we are indebted to you and we wouldn’t have been on this journey had it not been for you. You have guided us through tough times and phases when we needed you the most. We thank-you for everything.
I would like to thank my mentors Late Ms.Shakuntala Devi, Shri Vishwanath Unkalkar, Shri P.K.Srivathsa for your kind support and guidance.
My friends who have been with me through thick and thin. Varun Poddar, Dhaval Bathia, Vineet Patawari, Md.Faisal and Dr.B.Sai Kiran. Thank you for being there for me folks.
I would like to thank my partners from the US, SA, Australia, Oman and other countries and cities for showing us your love and support. We will strive to give our best to you! My amazing colleagues in office who have come to be the pillars of support for the company – Thank-you all.
Lastly, I would like to thank my wife for trusting me and for standing by me and for managing the organization.
I apologize to so many who have helped us but I have not been able to thank-you personally. This Thank you message is for you too!
I pray to Lord Almighty for giving our team strength, endurance and love so that we are able to take Vedic Maths to people in the world. Thank you! đŸ™‚
Gaurav Tekriwal