Maths Magic


Vedic Maths originated in India, but it disturbs me immensely, when people don’t acknowledge its value and have to be convinced about it, starts off Gaurav Tekriwal, author of Maths Sutra, a compilation of major Mathematical formulae from the Vedic era and spread the Mathe-Magic.


The President of the Vedic Maths Forum and a passionate mathematician, who has taken to it as his
profession for the last 15-years, Gaurav, says his book is an “attempt
to do away with the Maths phobia experienced by students and make it a
fun learning exercise.”

But he does not intend to stop at this. Other than making Maths easy for
the students, he believes now is the time to bring major changes in the
country’s education system under the genre of numeric studies.
“Researches have shown that as many as 75 per cent of the students of
Grade V cannot solve a division problem. That is a huge number. To deal
with it, a reform is needed. That’s why I wrote the book!” says the
Kolkata-based educator.

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