My Hearty Greetings to all the readers of the Vedic Maths Forum India Blog on the occasion of our India’s 60th Independence Day Celebrations.Today, we bow our heads in homage to the memory of
all the leaders, fighters and martyrs of our freedom struggle. My greetings to all the leaders, fighters and martyrs of our freedom struggle.Greetings to all scientists, teachers, literateurs, artistes and to dear students.

India has a great contribution to Mathematics and it started thousands of years ago with great mathematicians like Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Baudhyana in ancient India and more recently to
Ramanujan, Shakuntala Devi and Swami Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja-the father of Vedic Math.

Today on the occassion of Independence we take great pride in presenting before you for the first time the Diary of over 300 pages of the Father of Vedic Mathematics Tirthaji Maharaja.The diaries are from the year 1951 and it contains examples and solutions to problems mainly mentioned in his Book ‘ Vedic Mathematics’. Topics range from Multiplication, Squares, Cubes, Cube Roots, Spherical Triangles, Subtraction, Division, Algebra,Equations etc. All the topics are in the Master’s own
Handwriting and this makes it special for all Vedic Math Teachers, Scholars and Students.

Swami Bharti Krishna Tirtha Diaries Part I

Swami Bharti Krishna Tirtha Diaries Part II

Swami Bharti Krishna Tirtha Diaries Part III

Swami Bharti Krishna Tirtha Diaries Part IV

(Files Each of Over 3MB-4MB and in PDF Format. Right Click, Save As. May take time to download depending on your internet connection.)

It seems like our Master was making notes before writing the final book and deciding the order of presenting the contents. Also he decided to include topics like Spherical Triangles, Trignometry, Astronomy etc which due to some reason have been omitted from the main book. Also the notes are in random order that is in some cases he talks about multiplication then moves on to a different topic and then back to multiplication again. Some pages of the diary are also missing and some are blank as you may see.

I would like to thank Shri V.G. Unkalkar for his efforts in making this Diary available to us.

We would like to make a request to all senior people reading this that if you have copies of any of the diaries of Swami Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja, it would be highly obliging if a copy of the same be made available to us. We would like to bring these documents available to everyone for study & research.More light could be thrown on the lost sutras if these valuable documents are made availabe for study at one platform. Please send me an email regarding this at

Do give your comments as you go through the diaries and tell us what you think of them.

Happy Independence Day.

Jai Hind