Day 2 : National Workshop on Vedic Maths, Gwalior
Shri V.G.Unkalkar explaining the Crowning Gem Sutra ‘Dhwajanka’
Shri Sriram Chauthaiwale on Partial Fractions
Day 2 of the Vedic Maths Gwalior conference opened with overcast skies in Gwalior. The highlight of Day 2 was the lovely Idlis which everyone relished and enjoyed.
After which the session was on Dhwajanka the Crowning Gem Sutra for Division. All aspects were covered for this method including altered remainders and three or more digit divisors.
Shri Sriram Chauthaiwale spoke and explained Partial Fractions very lucidly. Like all lectures, this one too was of a very high standard.
Discussions then happened on the way forward for the organization under the leadership of Shri Atul Kothari Ji and Dr.Kailash Vishwakarmaji. Everyone contributed ideas and strategies to take the organization’s mission, values and vision forward.
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