Combatting “Maths Phobia” with Vedic Maths!

Combatting “Maths Phobia” with Vedic Maths!


“Mathematics” from its very inception has been considered a very complex subject that is not accessible to many. However, with everything onrushing with age, we do not see much change in the approach of Mathematics that has been perceived before vs now. The majority of the students from a very early age show some kind of lack of interest in this particular subject which often leads them to develop anxiety or what we call “Math Phobia”.

Here we would like to outline some of the major reasons behind it:

Weaker Base “ It is the roots which give a tree strength”:

Similarly, if the basic mathematical concepts are clear, then there is hardly any hurdle to grasp the subject and building the foundation strong. There are four signs which indicate that your child is on his way to developing a “math phobia”.

  • Not being able to pace up with his/her peers
  • Not being able to remember which he/she learned earlier
  • Difficulty reading clocks
  • He/She is excelling at other subject but lagging in math

Method of Teaching :  

Teaching methodology has got a lot to do with correct concept building. Conventional problem-solving methods are often difficult to adapt by the children. Here the teacher needs to take an upper hand in this matter and teach them with an emphasis to build concepts. It has been seen that most of the students’ mathematical concepts are learned but not understood. Every student has a different pace of learning and a different perspective of understanding similar concepts, try to figure out those areas where you can work on and bring changes. There are five ways in which you can make math exciting for those who lack interest:

  • Visual representation of the numbers
  • Apply maths on daily basis: Involve them in activities which involve mathematics like making them read clocks, shopping with them where they would try to do the calculation in mind
  • Practice with your child
  • Involve her in mental math games, make her do puzzles and all.

How Vedic Maths can help your child to develop maths skill?

It has been seen that Vedic Maths has been incremental in the understanding of the mathematical problem. which can be used for solving mathematical problems with an easier approach.

  • It eradicates fear of math. Fun-filled, and high-speed maths techniques will arise interest among him
  • A visible change in Academic performance
  • Improve your speed and accuracy. Become a mental calculator yourself
  • Improve memory and boost self-confidence and also helps to nurture the concentration power amongst the student
  • It is really useful to verify whether you have done the right answers or not
  • Cultivates an interest in you for numbers
  • You get to learn different ways to the same problem.

So let’s rediscover children’s hidden potential by learning their perspective with the adaption of Vedic Maths in their regular life.