During exams, there are a lot of students who suffer from exam anxiety. 

Exam anxiety is a fear of bad grades after giving or during the exam even if you read so hard to get the best marks. If you have not studied well enough throughout the year then it’s ok to get passing marks but who got bad marks even after working hard just because of uneasiness during exam sessions are needed to follow this blog. 

 In this blog, we are discussing how to stay calm during exams or how to defeat anxiety during the exam.

Here are 7 points that will guide you for your future exams and make you feel confident to remember all the answers without having any anxiety.

So, when you are going to sit for any exam simply follow these techniques to overcome your fear and make you feel comfortable and calm.


Sitting in an exam room with friends and reading all the questions before half an hour of your examination is not going to help you to write all the answers. You had studied hard enough throughout the year so that you can attend the questions without last min reading. So stay relax and tell yourself that “I know everything”. Repeat the line for 5 to 6 times so that you can focus on what you have studied early.


There is a healthy breathing technique called “Coherent Breathing” where you just need to exhale and inhale your breath in a systematic way. First, inhale the fresh air and hold for a count of 8. Exhale the air and again hold for a count of 4.  Just do it 8 times before sitting for an exam and you will feel more relaxed and calm. The calmness before exams helps you to remember all the right answers to all questions.


Confidence is the key to every success. If you confident enough to beat all your problems then no one can stop you to succeed. So remembering the quote we always need to be confident in what we are doing.  It goes with any kind of exams also. Try to be confident about what you have been studying for one whole year. Don’t rush into last-minute suggestions because that not going to help you to do better in exams. 


Be positive helps to face any kind of difficulties in the exam and beyond in life. Handle problems with a positive attitude open up many ways to solve them. In exams, if you are not able to remember the answer to any question then you should always take that in a positive way and try to figure out other ways to solve them. I know it’s feeling stressed when you can not recall the answers but worrying is not the right thing in the examination hall. Try to be positive and remember your answer in a peaceful mind without panic.


Students have a bad habit of looking around on exam times. It kills their time duration of examination and makes them less focused. Time has an important role play in the exam because when you waste your time between a fixed duration you will feel anxious after some time and goes for a hurry at the last minute. Now you can not give the appropriate answer to the questions. It will result in bad grades. Keep in mind that you are not gone look around in the examination hall and try to focus on giving an accurate answer as much as you can.


When you seat in an exam hall try to maintain your posture straight so that you feel comfortable while writing. Bending your shoulder on the desk, keep your eyes closer to question paper are not the right way to sit. You may feel pain in your back or neck which will make you uncomfortable after some time. Because of that, you will not be able to give your 100% on the paper. So always try to sit up straight and keep your eyes at a safe distance from the question paper. You will also google some best posters to sit and practice them before 1 month of exam.


Almost every student do this mistake. Whenever they get the question paper they start writing the answers without reading the whole question paper properly. You always need to be aware and choosy about what are the questions you are going to do first. Always take 15 minutes to study the question paper and mark the questions which you are going to attend step by step. Also don’t forget to remember the first two or three lines of the answers before solving the question, which you have decided to answer.


Before exams, you just need to practice the above suggestions and practice them for at least 1 hour so that, when exams are knocking on your door then you are ready to give your best. You can also make a routine where you can schedule what skills are you going to perform and when? 

Always take a break in between every session of practice. So that your mind does not get burned out.

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