Board Exams have different importance in a student’s life. Students always feel trouble while appearing for board exams. They feel insecure about the daily pattern they have for preparation. So they always search or looking for the best study routine for themselves.

In the board exam, students have different types of subjects and they got one whole year to study. Some students feel worried about the study duration they got and some are wasting time to find and follow the best pattern to follow.

So if you are looking for what are the best strategies or most effective tips for Board exams then you should read this blog to betterment your lifestyle and study hours management.

Here are 6 simple and effective tips that you can follow easily and get better results by implementing it.

Learn from the mistakes from Pre-board exam

Every school or Boards takes a test before Board Exams which we called as pre-board exam. In pre-board exam teachers check copies very strictly so that student can know the mistakes which they made. So pointing out the mistakes and learning how to rectify those mistakes is very important for a student who is going to appear for  Board exams. Take a copy and note down those particular areas on which you are making mistakes. Solve them for at least 2 or 3 times for better memory. Practice this habit right before the result of the pre-board exam so that you are confident enough to not repeat the mistakes again.

Practice Test Series

Before exams, you do not have any idea about what type of questions are coming your way. So practice Test Series is a good way to practice questions and understand the type. Nowadays we have online test series available with one click on google search. So always try to solve the last 10year’s questions and at least 10 Test series from different websites. It will help you to increase your ability to solve questions.

Set Time Table

Maintain a routine before board exams is an important task for a student. Because study in a systematic way is what successful students suggest. So set a time table for every subject you have and divide them with a time slot so that you don’t have to rush into last month. Mark the chapter you have read of every subject and drop a reminder for revision. You can use or maintain a diary for that as well.

Choose the weak areas of Every Subject

Every student has weak and strong subjects. Pointing out these sections will help you to understand where you need to work hard and where needs revision. Weak subjects always need to nourish regularly because the more you practice the more you learn. So, choose the weak areas and try to figure out the exact points and correct them with focus or you can also write those mistakes, which will help you to better your writing skill and remember to not repeat the.

Writing Practice

According to scientists and mathematicians if you write what you read that will help you to remember all the formulas, essays, history dates, science, mathematics, etc. So write up what you read. It’s very important for a student to practice writing before exams.  When you get experienced then you can try to write within a timeslot. You just need an alarm or mobile to track the time while writing. Because it’s important for a student to finish his exam within a definite time slot so try to finish your paper before 15 minutes of the exam. Writing Practice will help you to do that and if you keep practicing it you can manage to revise your paper also.

Read at least for 8hours

Students always ask these questions to their teachers that How many hours they should study in a day?. We suggest you, how many hours you want to read, you can study for that timespan. Don’t force yourself to read unnecessarily or drag you to read for 16hours or 14 hours. You can read for 8 hours which is quite sufficient for a student to read well. So you can read for 8 hours and take brakes for 15 minutes between every session of study. 


You only can succeed in an exam if you practice daily. Try to practice the above points on a daily basis for 2 months before the exam and you will definitely get better results. So, you just need to make a routine to follow. You can also write these points on blank paper and attach it with the wall beside your study table so that you can easily remember those. Study in a systematic way is very important for a student because if you only study for too long that does not give you the results you want. So keep your routine sharp and managed them in steps. It will be easy to follow and help you to keep your mind work in a balanced way.