Vedic Mathematics is the world’s fastest mental math calculation system that teaches an individual speed and accuracy. In today’s world, we find a lot of students and adults having “Maths Phobia”. Questions of not performing well are always backed up. Vedic maths provides a competitive edge to students and promotes creativity among students.

How will Vedic Mathematics help us?

Maths is a subject wherein a person can score full marks in examinations if guided properly. It is important for us to understand the very concepts of Mathematics. Vedic Maths consists of 16 Sutras or Word Formulae and 13 sub-sutras (Sub Formulae) which can be used for solving mathematical problems in a far simpler manner. Using the techniques we can solve difficult sums in split seconds.

Thinking about Vedic Math the first question that comes to our mind is “Which books are best for Vedic Maths” or the repeated google search made is ‘Best books to learn Vedic Maths’

Some books which could be great for an individual to self-learn Vedic Mathematics are listed below. Links are attached below for your easy access to books via online stores.

Best books to learn Vedic Maths

  1. “Vedic Mathematics” written by Jagadguru Shankaracharya  Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja of Govardhan Matha. He founded the system of  Vedic mathematics after reading Atharva Veda which is one of the ancient Indian manuscripts. The book is written in Sanskrit where the 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras have been explained in detail.


  1.  “Vedic Mathematics (Made Easy)”  written by Sri Dhaval Bathia. A genius author having years of experience in Vedic Mathematics. A book is written in lucid language which makes it very easy for beginners to understand the topics.


“Advanced Vedic Maths”  written by Sri Rajesh Kumar Thakur. He is a mathematics teacher by profession and a writer on mathematics. The book shows you how to simplify the most basic arithmetic operations and also deal with complex mathematical concepts such as quadratic equations, factorization of cubic equations and much more.


  1. Maths Sutras: from Around the World is a well-researched book, written by Mr.Gaurav Tekriwal. It has an amazing collection of mathematical techniques from around the world. Students can explore ingenious maths concepts and try their hand at popular puzzles like KenKen, Kakuro, and Alphametics.


  1. Maths Sutra: the Art of Indian Speed Calculation, by Mr.Gaurav Tekriwal, is also one of the best books to learn Vedic Maths. In this book, students can find an easy methodology that will help them solve complex questions and practice exercises that will test their understanding of these concepts. Gaurav Tekriwal is an educator, and he inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential by introducing them to the world’s fastest mental math system.


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Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder President of the Vedic Maths Forum India. Through television programs, workshops, DVDs, and Books he has taken the Vedic Maths System to over 4 million students in India, South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana, and Colombia.